Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Flipkart outdoors Indiblogger meet

Reached office morning and got notification from IndiBlogger fb page about #FlipkartOutdoors IndiBlogger meet, immediately i registered for the meet as only 4 seats left for registration meanwhile got WhatsApp notification from my blogger friend Vikash to register the event. after registration informed him as i registered and messaged him lets have fun in another IndiBlogger meet.

Its always awesome and fun with IndiBlogger meets, this time IB and Flipkart came up with new natural theme to have a meet and all the fun out side city's crowd in Mango Mist resorts. As Its little far for all of us so IB team has arranged IndiBuses to resort.

Its difficult for me to wake up early morning even on weekends, then also i wake up very early as i have to catch the IndiBus at 8 A.M., then also i got little late i called Indi team that i'm getting late about 10-15 minutes. they have waited for me. I reached the pick up point and shown my Indi badge to get check in. we started to resort and reached on time.

IndiTeam has given us full day schedule for all the fun and outdoor activities in the resort. In this event Flipkart has came with some outdoor gadgets that can be make outdoor activities more enjoyable. So we have formed the team & started exploring all the gadget.

First we have started with Polaroid Cameras they have Polaroid Cube action cameras that can shoots videos and capture pictures in one click while outdoor also can be attached to our helmets to shoots the video while driving, Polaroid Zink printer that can print picture immediately we have taken and many more accessories.

Then we have explored the Red & Chief outdoor shoes were awesome in design and comfort. Red & Chief my favorite from my school days when i purchased my first Red & Chief shoes. No doubt "Red & Chief hai to leather hi hoga".

After that we have explored the Sony Action Cameras and accessories specially manufactured for outdoor activities also those can be use everywhere. Sony action Cameras were awesome in speed, its can take pictures in mili seconds without blur images. So it can capture every seconds very perfectly.

Now its time for Garmin smart watches, those can track our all the activities very perfectly with GPS, heart rate sensor inbuilt.

Explored Samsung Gear Smartwatches personally with tracking my activities in resorts. I have burned around 241 calories and won the second most calorie burner prize with using Samsung Gear smartwatch.
                      It can track every step very correctly, exact running, heart beat, also can connect with our smart phones and synced all data from our smart phones. We can get email notification and many other notification after connecting Smasung Smart Watch and smart phone.

We explored Coleman outdoor accessories, they have a challenge to complete Coleman tent within 10 minutes, so have finished within 3 minutes and were in second placed. unfortunately my team didn't get prize as IndiTeam has change the rule and given all the prize to first team.

Altec Lansing Outdoor speaker were awesome, we can some rain dance while holding that speaker as thsose were fully water proof and sound quality were awesome.

Now we head up for activities inside the resort, first we went for Rock Climbing. While seeing the i thought its very easy to climb that rock, but after i went in middle on the rock grip was bad compare to lower part of rock at time i realize its not that much easy. then also climb almost on top of the rock and won the prize for top 5 blogger rock climber.

After rock climbing taken some rest as got little tired and then explored other activities like Quake Walk, Archery, Zip Line and had lunch. Then moved for Paintball.

We have formed the team and Anup has explained rules for Paintball activities, our team was in last to play the Paintball i was a defender in game. We played for more than 8 minutes, but couldn't defeat opponent team but enjoyed the game.

 It was awesome experience to firing in war in battleground. feeling like army man we dressed and all like Army.

Now we departed for home by IndiBuses. Event was awesome and we all enjoyed very well. The hangover was till next day i was little tired in #Flikartoutdoors event.


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