Friday, 13 March 2015

Starting a New Life for Better Life

Life in Home:

Some people walk through life successfully grasping opportunities. Others of us, like me, trip through life has to struggle. I started my life from my Home town also known as cement city Satna, I grow up and studied my engineering there having lots of friend and relatives to enjoy every moment of life. Unfortunately I dint have that much enjoyment that other peoples have but I enjoyed every face of my life as much I can enjoy my childhood, my schooling and my college days was awesome. 

In initial days I don’t have much friends in college as days gone I got more friends after that we have a group of friends those are ready for to help each other at any time. We are roaming together, taking tuitions together, gathering for teasing each other and for long discussions. Having so much fun.
And few year of enjoyment of college life moment came to move for New Life. Everyone is moved to different-2 city to search new life.       

You're gonna go away, start a new life
Forget today, start a new life
Start a new life.

Starting a New Life: A Move to Pune

I decided to move Pune to search a new life here. Pune is very city well developed, nice weather that’s the reason still I am liking it too much. Got many friends there I enjoyed the life with them.
In few days I started my First job here as back office executive as well as I was attending classes for learning development coding and technics. We was busy from morning to evening in our schedules we thought that this is only new life for us.
But thanks to god to knowing me that this is not the only new life for me I can do something better than this. So I decided to quite temporary job and moved to It hub Bangalore to search new life here.

Starting a New Life: A Move to IT hub Bangalore

I moved to IT hub Bangalore from Pune. It was totally new city for me. My friend helped me here to start a basic life here. I started life here is too difficult as everything is changed here like food, language, people and all. So in initial days I struggled to live here. Lived in PG as in Bangalore for new people PG is best accommodation. After that as days gone life was becoming easier than earlier days.

In few months and few effort started career by an IT company. But unfortunately that was not long life. So again started I struggle for search of new life and that struggle was continue to years for making a new life as good life. But while searching of new life got too many good friends here with them enjoying bengaluru’s life.

A New Life: Finally, A Good Move

After 4 year of life here in bangaluru I have taken a good move here. Now life is easier than the earlier life, enjoyment is more. This phase of new life was struggling but At this time I can say this was the good move for me and I have started a very good New Life by that life is becoming better day by day than the earlier life.

Still I have to started another phase of my new life, that is in development mode, Release 1.0 has been published and very soon next release will be published.

As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.

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