Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Lookup into my life

I am writing this post for So have a lookup into this, before looking up into my life.

You are reading my blog post, so I am sure that you are knowing me or got to know a little bit about me, what I am, what doing etc. So no need to explain about myself. Here I am going through some of my past life lookup. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

There is optimism everywhere, all we need to look into right places and right things to increase your confidence level. No need to look up into bad phase of your life as we can’t go back to change it to right one. So better we’ll look up into right phase of our life. So here I'm going through most of right phase of my life. I’ll start my look story from an every single ray of hope that was surrounded near to me.

Looking up into Beginning of my life

I was born in middle class family, my parents were living in a village, that time I never hope anything for my life. I thanks to my parents they hope for me and future also to god who has made my parents to hope for me.

They sent me to a city and admitted me in a best school of city for my education by compromising their needs and their precious life that they will not get again.

Looking up into education stage of my life

I started my education by giving full effort to fulfil my parents hope from me. After few years my parents sent my younger brothers also with me for their education. We were studying together now. I was responsible for taking care of them in every manner. We were good in studies specially my younger brother because of that our parents feeling proud on themselves. In my village and relationship everyone is giving a hug respect to us, I was always down to earth toward them. It was also giving a lot encouragement to me for doing great things, but still I'm finding some ways to do some innovative and unique.

Looking up into career stage of my life

It was time to prove something, I started my career with lots of up and down for few year still it’s there. But now something is better than the earlier.

I am not good in decision making, for me it’s very tough to take any decision and that decision is good or not, understanding that is also very tough. I have taken many wrong decision because of that I had struggle a lot as well as learnt a lot from that failure and wrong decisions. But still I'm good in decision making. I used to take help from my friends, relatives for that.

Now life is in not in very good stage but definitively in good stage. My parents has compromise a lot for me, now it’s my turn to give them rewards for it. I'm trying my best for that so they will feel always proud on me. I'm very from my parents, It was my dream to live with them But I don’t weather this dream will success or not.

While looked up in my life, I'm again remembering my favourite quote and that is very true for me, hope that always will be.

As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.

Very soon will wright one of the important phase of everyone’s life.


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